Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want I want I want...

I have realized there are many things that I want to do/accomplish that I put off for when I have acquired over my few years of adulthood I am realizing there is never more time! Interesting fact. The grass is rarely greener on the other side, there isn't always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and there isn't more time tomorrow. (Hence why I haven't up dated my blog since January)

So, with that said I have decided to change my wants into reality as best I can. These are mostly just little things I have always wanted to do such as... Starting to dance again, starting to play soccer again, going to DC, Writing in my journal atleast once a week, Running, Making an "I love list" of all the little everyday things that make me happy (inspired by the Bean, thank you), Making a possibilities book, travel travel travel, Wake up earlier and get more done, becoming scuba certified, Go paint balling, Go bungi jumping, Hike Angels landing, Making time in my life for the people I love and to be honest thats just to name a few.

So, I have decided to hold myself accountable on my blog and keep progress reports :) As of Today my progress in this is...
I am going back East in 2 weeks with 2 of my girlfriends and will be going to North Carolina and Virgina and DC!!!
I start training next week for a half marathon I am going to run in August with my sisters
I joined a dance company! (Compass Dance) My cute friend Katie Love that I danced with in Highschool started this up for those of us now out of highschool and still wanting to dance :)
My I love list has started and is very long and makes me very happy! I will share some here

I love ...a flock of birds flying overhead, driving with the windows down music blasting and sunglasses on, diet coke with lime, dancing in the kitchen with my roomates, that song you cant take off repeat, crispy lettuce, laughing at myself(which happens often), the feeling of independence, eating fresh watermelon and getting it all over your face, lyrics, an adrenalin rush...

life is good and full of so much living :)

Recent photos...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The song that never ends....

Everyday I drive past my old Pre-school and today I watched all the adorable little kids walking out and running into their mothers arms almost bursting with excitement about what they made in school that day. I wanted to pull over and just watch them all (Then i realized thats not really accepted in this day and age and I might end up with a restraining order rather than the warm and fuzzy feeling I was going for) But this got me thinking about how wonderful it was to be in pre-school...Life was so simple... Your biggest worry was something like if you got to eat ice cream and watch your favorite T.V. show when you got home. Now I can bearly make it through a T.V. show without being to distracted by the guilty feeling for all the other more productive things I should be doing at that time. "Dating" was so simple then... I had a boyfriend who was my best friend and he used to buy me candy and at 5 years old there was no doubt in my mind that we would get married one day :) Not quite as simple these days.

Don't get me wrong, growing up IS all its cracked up to be, but lets just say it comes with much more luggage that only your mother warned you about when you complained of being too young. And of coarse you didn't listen because you were in a daze dreaming of the days you get to drive and date and move out and be in College. They should have strapped us to a chair and made us realize that those were the days of freedom. I wish I would have taken all my naps that would have lasted me a lifetime.

Ok I am done with my reminiscing. I have an amazing life and friends and family and more opportunities than I can take. I have so much going on in my life and thats nothing to complain about! I had a wonderful semester and learned more about myself and what I want and need than I think I have ever learned before, Amazing what we learn from hard time. In many ways we are still in "Pre-school" for whatever is coming next. Pre-school is everlasting because we are constantly learning "pre's" for what is around the corner and its usually something thats pre for something else and so on and so on. We live in a musical for the song that never ends...

So I keep taking as many opportunities as I can! So, I started a wonderful job this semester that I love. Its amazing when you get to feel like you are doing a service project every time you go to work. I work at the Psychiatric unit at the University of Utah Hospital. It is definitely different than what I'm used to since I have been working in pediatrics for 3 years now, or actually its pretty different to what most anyone is used to for that matter, but I really love it. I have learned so much from this great opportunity.

So here are some pictures from this past semester...

As soon as I got home from sales this summer all I wanted was Powell!!!!

Possibly one of the best pictures ever taken...
Guess who's pregnant?!
Girls night out!
A few trips to the dentist...
What would a semester be without yet another best friends wedding!?
Rachele and Terrel Dimick 10-11-2009

Loved my visits from Kam :)

Kait moved back to Utah!!! SOOO happy (obviously)

I cut bangs!!!

The WHOLE fam-damily all together for the first time in years :)

Mom and her kids

My best friend Kait is moving back to the beautiful Hawaii :( If it weren't for Nursing school I'd be right back on that island with her.... Sigh

I drove home to California with Kait and spent a few days there before Christmas

1st time I'd seen the beach in wayyyy too long

Santa Clause is coming to town! Kaits uncle Guy was staying with them and he does some Santa gigs so we made him dress up for pictures :)

A much needed reunion!

I finally acquired a taste for sushi and LOVE it! (Vegetarian of coarse)

A few good dance parties of coarse...
Christmas "morning"!

Bringing in the New Years with some of my best friends

Friday, December 4, 2009


Introducing Persnickety clothing co.! My incredibly talented sister Corinne Rickenbach is finally sharing her creativity with the world.

Obviously I don't have to preach a
bout how adorable the clothing is, it sells itself :) But another main thing our company focuses on is our "Buy one-Give one" program. For each item we sell we also donate an item to a child in need. Think how happy your little girl will be to wear these and then imagine how excited the other little girl is that you helped who has never had anything like it before.

We have a full more permanent store in South Towne mall and a kiosk in Fashion place for the holidays. Or visit us online at

Here are some pictures so you can se
e her "Fancy little Frocks"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The day I was afraid would never come...

This picture is to help explain what I am feeling inside :)

This is my official announcement that I have been accepted to Nursing school!!!
Ahhhhhhhhh.... All my hard work so far paid off with much more even harder work to come :) But here is the catch, I don't even care! I'm not even scared, only excitement from this girl. I don't think I have ever wanted something so much Ever in my life (And I have wanted alot:) as to be a nurse. So I will go back to what my Dad has programmed in my brain since I was 4 years old..... W.I.T. Whatever It Takes.
So, I will be moving to Orem in January and attending a Tech. College there for a year and then I transfer to s different University to finish my last year. I am soooooo relieved. 3years of pre-req's weight off my shoulders :) Thanks for everybody's support!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whatever gets you through....

Whatever gets you through the day...
the week,
the semester,
the year........right?
Thats what I have been clinging onto these days when life is so rushed and busy and full of plans.

PLANS.... planing/planned/the plans falling through etc. etc. etc.
Lets also add in the stress that encompasses the plans. In a nut shell these stuations are called LIFE.
We all have our own lives and they are all busy and filled with our own stresses and situations blah blah blah...... I'm not sitting on a soap box today.

So... after my 21 years of trying to change these unwanted things that creep into our life I have realized... that guess what?! We can't change them.
My dad told me a quote that has stuck in my mind and is an awesome motto in everyone's life.

"If you don't like something change it.
If you can't change it, change the way you feel about it"

So I decide to change the little things.... Starting by being in a crappy situation that I can get out of... I just stick a Diet Coke in my hand and all is well.... For a moment at least :)

Its all about the little things... Thats what keeps me going.

....Dancing......Greys....Drives..... Work.....Diet Coke....Laughing.....Ice Cream...Friends/Family.....Chai Tea.....Progress

Oh the little things.
I recently fell in love with a song titled
"Keep Breathing".
Makes me think that even though Ihave a thousand other things I have to do at any given moment, all I really HAVE to do is keep breathing....
I think I can do that.
And it feels so much better breath through a smile.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm stil alive and kicking!

Wow! I am really awful at updating this blog aren't I?! Sorry kids :) Well, a run down of the latest and greatest are: (WARNING! Lots and lots of pictures!!!)

* Since I have been back from my beautiful island (that I miss so much!) I went back to Cedar City and SUU and my very favorite job that I miss SO much now! Here are some pictures from this last semester...

Getting used to the cold again! Downtown
Rachelle, Kam and me
New years with Tara
One of our many classic trips to Mesquite with the crew...
Jer and Kam and I went to bed on the floor with Kam and Jer cuddeling like a normal couple would and we woke up like this! Sorry Jer! We told you were are kinda close :)
My favorite boyfriend for the summer :) This is Kim and Kyle's baby Kalel
All the girls together for Sara's baby shower!!!
Corinne, Kim, Mamma, Me and Sara
And here iss the cute little long awaited baby Bennion! Hannah :)
A fun trip to SLC=Seeing my favorite girls!!!
Kait, me , Rachele and Jamie
We LOVE when Kam comes for a visit!
Jessica McCommas, me and Kam
My friends are kinda pretty huh?
Kait, Jess Mc, me and Jess hall
Some of my favorite people all crammed into one car
Our valentines day present from Jeremy! A ride in litle airplane around beautiful
South-Eastern Utah!
Kam, Jer, me, Kait and Griffin
And I got to fly the plane!!!
And then there was that time I got mono :(
(So I just had to take a picture in front of this sign!)
Little Macie Jane. Corinne's 3 year old :)
A little family reunnion.... Corinne, lily, me, Kimmy, Kalel, Denny and Emily

My family was gone for Easter sunday so I got to spend it with my second family the Jensens!
A girls weekend!
Me, Rash and Kam
Jess Hall, Rachele, Me, Kamry and Jessica McComas
"Studying" for finals in the sunlight :)
Jess McCommas, Jess Hall and me
Deit coke keeps us wide awake through finals!
Jessica Hall and me at 3 am in the library!
Jessica's graduation from Nursing! We are so proud of our girl :)
Me, Jess Mc and Jess Hall
Last night in Cedar city!Caving with the boys
Jess Hal, Kayden, me, Jess Mc, Mandi and Chaz
One of m last days at Premier :(
My second mama Cyndi Lou and I. Love her!

*I got to go back to my island for Spring Break! (thanks to tax returns:) We had an absolute blast, hands down best vacation ever!

Dear Hawaii.... We are back!
Jess Hall and me
Yeah we didn't reall mind the fact that there were about 10 guys to us 4 girls :) ....
And it didn't take us long to try and show them up!
Jess H, me and Jess Mc
One night we decided to go swimming.... fully clothed that was so when we got back to the boys room we needed to borrow some clothes, we were very styling :)
Jess H, me and Jess Mc
We got kinda dirty on our 4 wheelers!!!
My favorite place on earth!
Tara, Jess H, me and Jess Mc
Us girls just watching a beautiful sunset!
Jess and Jess and me and Tara
A fun day at the PCC
Jess Mc and me
A night out on the town in Waikiki!
Jess and Jess and me and Tara
Typical day at the beach. Waiamai bay
Tara, Tom, me, Neil Birel, Jess H, Jess Mc. and Jonathan
The best part of the whole trip?!.....
Me holding Shaylee, top:Tevita and bottom right Malia

* Well for those of you that already knew I was supposed to working in Regina Canada for the summer..... but LONG story short we ran into many unknown problems with our workers visas and so we moved onto plan B which is.... North Dakota! That's right, I am living in North Dakota! Ha, of all places, I know :) I am doing security systems sales for Security One International. Yep, I finally caved! But it has already been worthwhile, probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but its been good! I get to be out here with my cute sis Kim and her crazy hubby Kyle (jk jk gotta love him!) And my very own boyfriend their 2 yeah old son Kalel :) and of coarse one of my very best friends Jamie and her hubby Leo who is my manager. So we have a good time out here! We know how to make the best even out of North Dakota!

On the way up to Canada we hit a deer! Yeah, pretty sad day for my car but we were all ok so its all good! My car, Betty is pretty sad though :(
(See Jamie Sagebin's blog for all the details)

*I am very pleased to announce the marraige of Jeremy and Kamry Arthur!!! Th
e 2 were married in the SLC temple on May 23rd 2009. I was so happy o be able to come home for the wedding and get a break from selling and be with my best friends!...

Hugging my new Bestie and lucliest man in the world!
Jeremy and I
The happy couple!
Jeremy, me and Kam
All the girlfriends there! We had to do our usual cheeser face :)
Chantel, Tara, Rash, me, Kam, Krista, Mandy and Nikki
Our whole Hawaii family was able to come! It made the whole day just perfect
Shaylee, Rachele, me and Malia
Our typical cheese face!
I'm gonna miss this girl so much!
Tara and me
Here is at the reception held in Monticello. Such a beautiful and fun night!
Kam and me
My parents were even able to make it! Everything about the night was so perfect
Papa Don, me and my mama Susie

*I sent off a missionary... kinda :) One of my very best friends Tara Jensen left on her mission to Yekaterinburg Russia! So exciting but I already miss her so much! Luckily Tara's last couple weeks and her farewell and everything were all when I was home for Kamry's wedding so we had so much fun together! So proud of this girl... Here are a few pic's of her last days here...

Some people say we look like sisters :) We pretty much are!
The whole crew at her farewell
The girls...
Amy, Carlee, Lauren, McKenzie, Tara, Michele, me and Allison
My little girl is all grown up! She did an amazing job on her talk :)

Packing her all up in 2 suitcases for 18 months! Mind you this was at 2 am the night before the MTC!!! Ha ha, can't say I'm surprised :)
Bree, Tara and me